Yoga Retreat Day – Sunday 19th March –  10.00am-4.00pm – Ceridwen Centre, Drefelin- Cost £40

Bring the Spring back in your step by exploring postures that will focus on opening the chest to improve breathing and increase energy.

By using Kriyas and Pranayama we will purify the lungs of excess mucus and contaminated air.

Use Yoga to breakthrough Winter lethargy and come alive ready for Spring.

We will explore different types of breathing practices to improve our ability to connect to our inner reality and different types of meditations to start focusing the mind on the inner movement of the energy through the body.

The aim of this day is to increase a sense of deep inner peace.

The day will conclude with a practice that will combine the focus of the Meditations and the depth of the breathing with the physical movement.

Suitable for all levels and all our welcome, Space is limited so book now to secure your place.