Mark starting to carve the limestone

Mark Foulds has been carving the ‘fountain of knowledge’ a 15ft 4 ton sculpture of a plume of water of limestone and Carerra marble for Coulston college in our large barn. The sculpture left in the almost complete stage on Wednesday afternoon 23rd Novemeber and we all wished it well for it’s installation in Coulston College London.

The Fountain of knowledge is made of Ancaster blue weatherbed limestone with Carerra marble top. The weight is 6 tonnes height 2.7m width 1.2m.

The concept is that the sculpture will take the form of a large plume of water emerging from the ground at coulston college, crowned with a bubbling, overflow about to come back to earth. This is symbolic of the learning process.

The ‘shaft’ is carved in blue limestone, beautiful with millions of fossils visible. The ‘crown’ of water will be intricately carved from glistening white marble that will sparkle.

Sited among the trees at the front of the college, it will be a stiking feature from a distance and also close up.