Bus details

The Double Decker bus was converted in the Winter of 2015 -16. She was operating as a play bus in Kidwelly, South Carmarthenshire when we bought her. Most of the play equipment was past its best and there was none of the original seating left in the bus. She was built for use in Southend along with 2 other sister buses at the same time. She is slightly lower than a normal double-decker and we have repainted her in the original livery colours of the Southend Fleet.

We still haven’t converted or upgraded the driver’s cab so we would ask you please to look but don’t climb in.



The water is from our farm borehole, is non-chlorinated, and is great to drink. It is tested and approved by Carmarthenshire County Council each year.

The Hob and the Oven

The hob with 4 burners and the oven are both gas-operated (from bottled gas). To light the burners, turn on the knob for the burner you want and press down the knob for 5 seconds.


There is a gas combi boiler under the stairs that operates the central heating and the hot water for the sink and the showers outside. The controls for the boiler are located on the left as you come into the lounge above the refrigerator.

Controls are set on manual, with the thermostat for you to manipulate as you wish. You can press the boost button which overrides everything – which in turn will activate the boiler.

The bus is well insulated with sheep’s wool and will heat up quickly despite the large area of single-glazed windows.


Should you have any problem with the heating or hot water contact us at reception. Sometimes it’s just that the gas bottle has run out. This is simple to sort. Just let us know and we’ll swap out the old for new!

Toilets and showers

The ‘Bus Stop’ at the rear of the bus has a toilet with a hand basin (with hot and cold water) on the left, a shower in the centre, and another shower with a view on the right.

Please consider our poor green, septic tank. It can’t digest baby or facial wipes, nappy liners, cotton buds, sanitary towels, etc. Please don’t flush these down the loos! Thank you!

Lighting and Electricity

All of the lights are 12v and are operated from a transformer by the original ‘push once’ buttons. Push once for on and push once again for off (you will hear the 12 v relays click when the switch is operated).

The living area light switch is on the back of the kitchen unit towards the front of the bus on the right which is also where all the fuses are located (in the top cupboard).

There is no electric kettle because the supply is only 16Amps.

The Rear Bedroom

This is accessed by the traditional stairs at the back of the bus. The light switch button is on the right at waist height just as you enter the room. The wardrobe is on the left of the mirror and the small WC is found on the right. The water to the ‘eco’ sink above the wash basin is cold only for hand washing and the water is automatically reused for flushing the toilet.

The Front Bedroom

This is accessed by the loft ladder that is pulled down using the handle and then the second stair tread located on the floor.  The layout inside the bedroom is a mirror image of the bedroom at the rear.

The light switch for the front bedroom is on the left as you walk up the loft ladder. There is a small flap that closes over the loft entrance at night for privacy that can easily be opened from the bedroom but the loft stair itself should not be closed when there are people upstairs for safety reasons.


There is a curtain that can be drawn just in front of the loft ladder that gives privacy for the two single sofa beds downstairs.

Sofa beds in the lounge area

Behind the driver’s cab, there are two couch seats on either side of the dining table. These are firm single mattresses and can be used as beds if required.

The bedding will either be in a bag on the couch, or under the stairs.


There is a barbeque on the decking, and utensils for this are inside the bus.

We would ask that you keep the BBQ away from the side of the bus so as not to damage the paintwork.


If you have any questions throughout your time here- just come down to the yard/ office and have a chat with us.

We hope you have a relaxing stay!