The Byre details

The Byre was a calving shed, which was converted back in 2011- 12, using traditional materials.  

We applied for and received a small grant to build this and had to complete it by the end of the tax year. That winter the temperature was minus 14 degrees. So, as you can imagine, the building and renovations were a proper challenge for our team! 

It’s a gorgeous cottage with a new kitchen, built in 2024, in the downstairs open-plan sitting room/diner.


The Heating

Central heating is provided by the biomass boiler and hot water by the boiler or solar panels. 

There is a wood burner to add to that cosy feel, with a basket of logs, kindling & firelighters. 

If you require firelighters/ kindling of logs- just let us know. 


Below are 8 helpful pointers on how to light a fire…

1/ Place a log or two in the bottom of the Fire
2/ On top of this build a stack of 6-8 softwood kindling sticks
3/ Then place a natural fire lighter inside
4/ Fully open the air control as this will maximise the supply of oxygen in the wood burner needed to get the fire going.
5/ Light the fire lighter and close the door but leave it slightly a jar. This helps to heat the chimney flue and burn hot and clean. Smoke may come out of the fire, until the chimney has warmed up.
6/ Once the fire is burning well close the door and reduce the air intake
7/ Re-fuel little and often
8/ Every time a log is added open the air control again until the fire is burning well and then return the control to normal



We have newly renovated the downstairs (2024) to include a kitchen, with all the  mod cons. 

Bins and recycling

There is a bin for landfill waste (with a black bag) and a bin (with a blue bag) for recycling. You’ll find a red bin for compostable waste- the green bags for this are found under the sink (no meat in here please). 

Recycling in Carmarthenshire is all the usual suspects but not glass. Leave the glass outside, in a crate and we will collect it (or you can!) and take it to the glass recycling bank, in our car park.


If you have any further questions during your stay- please don’t hesitate to email us or head to the Reception (next door to the main farmhouse – Penybanc- with the blue conservatory). 

Have a great stay! 🙂