Ceridwen House

Ceridwen was designed and built, on the site of the old smithy and stables using traditional materials to honour and reflect the peace and solace of the surroundings.


The Heating

Central heating is provided by the biomass boiler and hot water by the boiler or solar panels

We have two different controllers and two thermostats to heat different parts of the house. Details below..

– Controllers

One can be found in the main part of Ceridwen- on the walk to the kitchen- in the laundry/shower room. Open the tall cupboard at the end and you’ll find the controller on the left- hand side.

For your arrival- this is always on, ready for your arrival. To check – the lights should be on on both sides of the control panel (for the water and radiators). You can turn them on by pressing the square switches.

In this cupboard- you’ll also find two switches on the right hand side of the tank.. these are booster switches. Turn them on if you need them only but please remember to turn them off when you don’t need them.

The second controller can be found downstairs- in the annex- in the large 4 bed room (Gwilli) with the only ensuite in the house. This is always left on. You can control the temperature by pressing the ‘- & +’ buttons. This will warm up the temperature in the annex only (Gwilli, Amman, Cothi, Towy and the toilets and shower here)

Both these are set to 20 degrees ready for your arrival. You can adjust the Temperature on these too.

– Thermostats

1/Thermostat found at top of back stairs, by kitchen- controls the temperature downstairs kitchen, hall, upstairs bathroom, Taf, Aeron & Gwaun.

2/Thermostat found downstairs by the mirror collection (in dining area)- controls the temperature in the sitting room, upstairs lounge and Teifi.


Bins and Recycling

There is a bin for landfill waste (with black bag) and a bin (with blue bag) for recycling. You’ll find a red bin for compostable waste- the green bags for this are found under the sink (no meat in here please).

Recycling in Carmarthenshire is all the usual suspects but not glass. Leave the glass outside, in a crate and we will collect it (or you can!) and take it to the glass recycling bank, in our carpark.


Ceridwen’s home entertainment devices

You’ll find a TV upstairs in the lounge. Turn it on with the remote control. It’s an internet enabled TV. There is also a sound bar connected to this TV.

The Stereo in the dining area is a midi hifi unit. It’s got a multi change CD player in it.