Derwen Yurt details

Derwen (Oak in Welsh) is in its own secluded clearing, on a timber deck overlooking the valley to the west. There is no electric in this Yurt. You will find battery powered lights within ( the battery pack for the fairy lights is located by the door) for ambient mood lighting and the bedside lights are also battery powered.



When unloading and packing you are welcome to drive down to the Yurt. Stop in front of the wooden posts. Please then reverse and drive back down the hill- through the Yard- turn right onto the lane and take the first right to park in the car park. You can then walk across the Tipi platform (where the triangular Tipi skeleton is) back to the Yurt.


Our water is from our farm borehole. It’s non-chlorinated and great to drink. It is tested and approved by Carmarthenshire County Council yearly.

You can drink the water that comes out of the tap in the outdoor kitchen (in fact, all water from taps onsite is drinkable!)


Your outdoor, under shelter, kitchen has a gas burner, sink and all the gubbins needed to cook with and eat off. 

When using the hob, Check the gas bottle is on (righty tighty- lefty loosey!) Turn the knobs on the gas burner to the left and light using a match. Please remember to turn off after use. 

 You have a cool box for your fridge. You’ll find some ice packs in there. You can swop these for more during your stay.. just come down to the office and ask a member of staff.

 You have a small Kadai with larger logs, kindling and fire lighters for your BBQ/ Firepit. It is sitting on the decking by your table. 

The Heating

There is a wood burner for warmth with a basket of wood. The logs and kindling for this are cut to the appropriate size for the small yet powerful burners we have. Please don’t use them outside in the Fire pit. We have bigger logs to be burnt there. If you require firelighters/ kindling of logs- just let us know. 

Below are 8 helpful pointers on how to light a fire…


1/ Place a log or two in the bottom of the Fire
2/ On top of this build a stack of 6-8 softwood kindling sticks
3/ Then place a natural fire lighter inside
4/ Fully open the air control as this will maximise the supply of oxygen in the wood burner needed to get the fire going.
5/ Light the fire lighter and close the door but leave it slightly a jar. This helps to heat the chimney flue and burn hot and clean. Smoke may come out of the fire, until the chimney has warmed up.
6/ Once the fire is burning well close the door and reduce the air intake
7/ Re-fuel little and often
8/ Every time a log is added open the air control again until the fire is burning well and then return the control to normal

Toilets and shower

You have a compost loo across the little bridge. Please remember to pour a scoop of the sawdust after you’ve done your business! If you run out of this- come and find us and we’ll refill for you. 

Your outdoor warm shower is around the side of the kitchen. 

Hot tub 

This is a biodiesel run hot tub. It’s available to hop in and out of, throughout your stay. The tub is scrubbed between stays and has fresh water just for you! 

This will be filled and heated ready for your arrival.. just remove the lid and jump in. 

The max temperature is 42 degrees C. 

If by any chance the water is cold.. it means the hot tub has either been switched off (in the metal shed behind or the biodiesel has run out). Just let us know and we’ll sort it. 

You can turn this off- in the metal shed- by switching off the two switches on the left. 

Please don’t take the water out of the tub.

Bins and recycling

There is a bin for landfill waste (with black bag) and a bin (with blue bag) for recycling. You’ll find a bin for compostable waste and green bags for this (no meat in here please). Pop meat in a green bag, in the black sack.

 Recycling in Carmarthenshire is all the usual suspects but not glass. Leave the glass in a crate please or take it to the glass recycling bank, in our carpark.


If you have any questions throughout your time here- just come down to the yard/ office and have a chat to us.

 We hope you have a relaxing stay!