Orchard yurt details

Our three orchard yurts are named Afallon, Wild Garlic & Damson. They are all situated amongst native fruit trees (apple, pear, and damson). All these yurts have sheep wool insulation to keep them warmer in the colder nights and cooler in the heat of the summer.


Afallon is positioned at the top of the young orchard field. You share the space with our donkeys (Honey & Treacle). Don’t worry they are behind an electric fence but do like to be chatted to.

Wild Garlic (at the top) and Damson (below) are in the older orchard on the other side of the fence from Afallon.


There is no electric in these yurts. You will find battery-powered lights within ( the battery pack for the fairy lights is located by the door)- for ambient mood lighting and there’s a powerful camping light on the side for your use.



To unload or pack up, you can park your car in the layby, by Wild Garlic gate or Damson’s smaller gate. For Afallon, you can drive into the hook-up campervan area and walk up to the Yurt from there.

Then come out on the lane- drive up the hill- take the first right to park in the car park for your stay. The lane and laybys must be left free for cars to pass.



The orchard yurts all share a kitchen. This is the garden shed that is in the middle of the three yurts. You have a hob, fridge space, a sink with cold water and all the gubbins needed to cook with and eat off.

You’ll find an outside, undershelter eating BBQ area just behind this kitchen.

There is also a first aid box in there.


If you need charcoal for this.. the garage at the top of the road is the closest place to purchase it (drive up the lane, to the top/main road). At the T junction – top of lane- turn left and the garage is on your left a little way down.


Our water is from our farm borehole. It’s non-chlorinated and great to drink. It is tested and approved by Carmarthenshire County Council yearly.

You can drink the water that comes out of the sink tap in the shared kitchen (in fact, all water from taps onsite is drinkable!).


The Heating

There is a wood burner for warmth with a basket of wood. The logs and kindling for this are cut to the appropriate size for the small yet powerful burners we have.

If you require firelighters/ kindling of logs- just let us know.

Below are 8 helpful pointers on how to light a fire…


1/ Place a log or two in the bottom of the Fire
2/ On top of this build a stack of 6-8 softwood kindling sticks
3/ Then place a natural fire lighter inside
4/ Fully open the air control as this will maximise the supply of oxygen in the wood burner needed to get the fire going.
5/ Light the fire lighter and close the door but leave it slightly a jar. This helps to heat the chimney flue and burn hot and clean. Smoke may come out of the fire, until the chimney has warmed up.
6/ Once the fire is burning well close the door and reduce the air intake
7/ Re-fuel little and often
8/ Every time a log is added open the air control again until the fire is burning well and then return the control to normal

Toilets and shower

Each yurt has their own compost loo. Please remember to pour a scoop of the sawdust after you’ve done your business! If you run out of this- come and find us and we’ll refill for you.

Your closest conventional toilets and warm showers are situated behind the old Dairy.. next to the main house. you will be shown this on arrival, but can also find it on the site map too.


Extra details

We have left a pack that can be found in the Yurt kitchen, with a site map, local maps, emergency details, and tourist information. If you have any further questions.. come and see us. We live in the main farmhouse (Penybanc) with the blue wooden conservatory.


Bins and Recycling

Bins are found in the yurt kitchen. A bin for landfill waste (with a black bag) and a bin (with a blue bag) for recycling. You’ll find a bin for compostable waste and green bags for this (no meat in here please). Pop meat in a small green bag, and then in the black sack provided.

Recycling in Carmarthenshire is all the usual suspects but not glass. Leave the glass in the crate please or take it to the glass recycling bank, in our car park.


If you have any questions throughout your time here- just come down to the yard/ office and have a chat to us.

We hope you have a relaxing stay!