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Yoga, Tai-Chi, Writing, Art workshops, Food Workshops, Printing, Book Binding, Self Development, Conferences, Seminars…. We can provide the facilities and the catering for anything you can imagine!

 is t TheThe Ceridwen Centre offers the perfect space to find peace, tranquility and inspiration, to go deeply into the work you’re there to do, without distraction. Our staff and facilities help create an environment that is supportive, nurturing and intuitive to the needs of your group.  Returning guests feel like they’re ‘coming home’.

It is the diversity of the groups and guests we welcome here that make the Ceridwen Centre such a stimulating and dynamic venue. No two groups are the same. Organisers that have been coming for years become good friends and regular guests look forward to the standard of hospitality they have come to expect and look forward to every time. There are no rules as to what is possible, from an art day school with lunch to a week long qualification course. We are simply the facilitators that help make your event such a success.

Ceridwen houses the majority of bedroom accommodation (sleeping up to 19 in 8 separate bedrooms), dining and relaxing areas. Fifty metres uphill from Ceridwen is the Old Dairy small group space aprox 5.5 x11m whilst the Pole Barn large group space is 10.5 x 17.5m within the main farm complex, . The Byre cottage conversion is adjacent to the Old Dairy and can accommodate up to six. The Old Dairy and Byre can be linked through a hallway or kept separate.

You and your group may all comfortably stay in Ceridwen, but if your numbers exceed the ideal or you have guests that would like to be more independent or have greater privacy, there are options available in also using the Byre, Gypsy Cwtch Romany wagon, farmhouse B&B rooms, Eco Pod, Hop shack, converted double decker bus and yurts.

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