Starts: 1400 – Friday 22 Nov Ends: 1700 – Sunday 24 Nov

Total: £385 (incl accom, food & tuition) Venue: Ceridwen Centre

What the Witchtacula covers Witchcraft has been practised for centuries and is one of the oldest religions, yet even in these modern times so much mystery still seems to surround its philosophies and practices.

The Witchtacula takes all of the information that is covered in the Witchy 101-105 modules and creates the space for this information to be used to work a full magical ritual from inception to completion.

This is such a wonderful opportunity to experience the magic of ritual. To work as part of a group all working towards a common goal and theme, raising energy that will be used to create wonderful change within the universe.
You can choose to be as involved in the ritual as you like with their being many different roles and responsibilities.

This weekend is all about being authentic, getting in touch with your inner witch, calling your witchy self forward and creating space for your magic to flow. It is not a prerequisite that you have undertaken any of the witchy training courses, Witchy 101, 102, 103, 104 & 105, it would be advantageous, but not essential. All you need is a love of Wicca, an open heart and the desire to work a ritual as part of a group. This will be a fully collaborative experience.

Most of us are solitary witches, practicing and working magic by ourselves. The Witchtacula weekends offer a safe and friendly environment to have the opportunity to explore and experience the energy and power that goes into a full outdoor ritual. A fully immersive and experiential weekend culminating in an outdoor ritual around a bonfire on the Saturday night. This will be an experience that you will remember forever.

The weekend will include:

• Working with sound • Healing with sound • A sound immersion • Guided meditations • Small group work • Accessing and working with psychic abilities • Exploring the Clair’s (Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Claircognisance) • Self-dedication • Crystals • Planning and preparing for ritual • Working as part of a team to plan for magical success • Exploring a past life with others in the group where you have worked positive magick for the greater good together • Spell writing • Spell casting • Setting up ritual space • Consecrating and blessing tools to be used as well as the space • Ritual is intensely personal and powerful to each individual • And so much more …

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This training is collaboratively brought to you by: Natasha Price- Susie Smith- Trace Robins

“An it harm none, do as thou wilt”