Caban Bach Details

Caban Bach was lovingly made in the winter of 2013 using as many recycled materials as possible. It is based on a second-hand caravan base with reclaimed floorboards.  The door is second-hand, the widows and a lot of the internal fittings are recycled from another caravan and the internal and external boarding were sourced locally, all the insulation is sheep’s wool.

Below we have given a little information to help you understand how it all works. If you have any questions or problems please come and see us at reception.

The Hob

The two burners ignite automatically.


Our water is from our farm borehole. It’s non-chlorinated and great to drink. It is tested and approved by Carmarthenshire County Council yearly.

You’ll find a bottle of our drinking water on the side.

Lift the lid up and on the right you’ll find the sink & tap. The water flow is operated by a small electric foot switch that operates an electric pump. If the water level runs low then you can head outside- round to the right, unattached the water butt, put the cap on, attach the arms and wheel the butt up to the toilets at the top of the field to refill in the outdoor sink. Once popped back you’ll need to re-prime the pump. To re-prime the pump- you pump on the foot switch (located under the cupboard) until the water comes out of the sink.

Or you can let us know and we can come and refill the water store and re-prime the pump for you.


Making up the bed and converting it back to a table

The double bed is in fact the two bench seats with the table bridging the gap between the two benches.

 To make the bed a double bed lift up the cushions on both sides, then lower the table by undoing the bolt on the right-hand side and pulling the table towards you. (MAKE SURE THAT YOU DON’T CATCH YOUR FINGERS BETWEEN THE BED FRAME AND THE TABLE AS IT COMES DOWN QUITE FAST).

The table rests on the gap between the bed frames.  Find the ply sheet that is under one of the seat cushions and slip this into the recesses on the edges of the benches nearest the door.  Put the two main seat cushions in the centre of the flatbed area and put the two-bed cushions at the edges.

The bedding can be stored in the recesses under the bench as you come into the pod and this bench hinges up and can be kept in place with a wooden toggle.

To put the table up reverse the process but make sure you pull the table up and towards you fairly quickly as the elastic should then help to bring up the back of the table for you. Make sure you push up the bolt as this stops the table from accidentally lowering itself.


Bins and Recycling

There is a bin for landfill waste, a container for recycling, and a green bin for compostable waste (no meat please).  Recycling in Carmarthenshire is all the usual suspects but not glass. Leave the glass outside and we will collect it and take it to the glass recycling bank, in our car park.


A small electric oil-filled radiator is provided.

Toilets and showers

You have a compost loo behind the Pod. Please remember to pour a scoop of the sawdust after you’ve done your business! If you run out of this- come and find us and we’ll refill for you. There are toilets and showers at the top of the field in the gap in the hedge by the large tree. These are compost & conventional ones. Warm showers can be found there too.


If you have any questions throughout your time here- just come down to the yard or office and have a chat to us.

We hope you have a relaxing stay!